Experience the good old Japan in Okuizumo (Tour Report)


On the weekend of November 25th -26th we held a monitor tour. We had 11 participants, originally from, Nepal, USA, Poland, Australia, Canada and Philippines. As the tourist information association of Okuizumo town, this was the first time to arrange a two days and-one night tour for foreign guests.

We started the tour with BBQ Lunch in Yakiniku Tarara. Yakiniku Tatara is one of the best places to taste original Shimane beef in Okuizumo.

Then we move to Okuizumo Tatara and Sword museum. First guests went trough a short video of Tatara iron making.

The two main attractions were sword making and sword art. Mr. Kobayashi the sword smith showed us some steps of sword making process. Guests also got a chance to experience the forging of Iron and pumping air to furnace using ancient bellows. Then Mr.Yoshihara performed Sword arts( Trial cutting) Finally guests got a chance to pose to a photo with holding a real Katana.

Final activity before the dinner was the Japanese tea experience with Sakurai family. Land lady of Sakurai served tea and explained us about the history of Sakurai family.

We arranged the dinner in “bistro Sora” French style restaurant. Jibie hunter Mr. Yamamoto and Vegetable farm owner Otsuka family joined us for dinner. Guests had a chance to get know about hunting and farming in Okuzimo.

Guests stayed at hotel cycling terminal. This hotel is a B&B hotel with both Japanese style and western style rooms.


Next day morning guests had a trekking experience in Oni no Shitaburui. This valley is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Okuizumo.

Then we moved to Abacus factory and made straps using abacus balls. Wakatsuki brothers showed us around the factory and explained how abacus making was started in Okuizumo.

The second day lunch was buckwheat noodles. Staff of Kominka Dandan instructed, how to make Soba noodles.

The tour “Experience the good old Japan” in Okuizumo ended up smoothly with the large support from the local community.

Very big thanks for the participants for your time and precious advices.